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Camelia - Expert in High-Performance, Cost-Effective Aseptic Filling Machines
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In your factory's food and beverage production line, the efficiency and performance of the aseptic filling machine directly impact the quality of the products and the production costs. Camelia focuses on providing you with a one-stop solution for used aseptic filling machine, including equipment sales, maintenance, troubleshooting, parts replacement, and performance upgrades. Our goal is to help your business maximize production efficiency in the most cost-effective manner. Additionally, you can opt for us to procure brand new filling machines on your behalf. Leveraging our extensive market network and business relationships, you can enjoy the best prices and delivery terms.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive Equipment Resources

We possess an extensive range of used aseptic filling machine, encompassing various models and brands to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. All equipment undergoes rigorous quality and performance testing before being offered for sale, ensuring that you receive cost-effective and reliably operating machinery. We welcome customers to visit our company and participate in the on-site testing of our aseptic filling machines.

Professional Expertise, One-Stop Service

Our aseptic filling machine is an integral part of Camelia's comprehensive packaging solutions, highly compatible with aseptic packaging materials for stable and efficient operation. Our team consists of experienced technical experts who are well-versed in the maintenance and transformation techniques of various filling machines. Whether it's equipment troubleshooting, component replacement, or overall performance enhancement, we provide a one-stop service. We can rejuvenate your old machinery, allowing it to return to production and create more value! Once we receive your inquiry, our engineering team will be ready to offer the best possible solutions

Custom-Tailored to Meet Your Unique Needs

We are well aware that each machine has its unique features, and therefore, we provide customized modification solutions. Based on your specific needs, we will tailor the most suitable upgrade plan for your machine. To extend the equipment's lifespan and enhance its performance, we offer the replacement of original and compatible parts. Our components are meticulously selected from well-known suppliers in Europe, America, and Japan, and have undergone multiple tests. The aseptic filling equipment that we have calibrated achieves the best possible performance, efficiency, and stability. Camelia Company's research and development of successful stable high-frequency systems and high-precision multifunctional control cards have also reached an advanced level. Our carefully selected configurations ensure the safe, stable, and enduring operation of your equipment.

Cost Savings for Mutual Benefit

While focusing on enhancing product quality, we also consider the perspective of our clients, striving to minimize their costs. Our lean management approach offers clients aseptic filling equipment with high cost-performance ratios. By choosing us, you will not only save the substantial costs associated with purchasing new equipment but also avoid the hassle of disposing of old machinery. Moreover, the refurbished machines we provide will see significant improvements in performance and stability, bringing higher efficiency to your production. This truly achieves a win-win situation of cost savings and enhanced productivity!

Technical Services and Training Support

Our technical service team is composed of experienced engineers equipped with professional knowledge and skills, capable of providing you with comprehensive technical support. Whether it's equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance, or troubleshooting, we can respond swiftly and offer efficient solutions. We also provide equipment operation training and technical consulting services to help your staff better understand and operate the equipment, enhancing production efficiency and safety.

Our Commitment:

Quality Assurance

We pledge that the used equipment we sell is of high-quality, and comes with a warranty period that gives you peace of mind.

Rapid Response

We commit to a rapid response and dispatch of technical personnel to the site upon receiving a service request, minimizing your waiting time to the greatest extent possible.

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing technical support and consulting services to ensure that any issues you encounter during use are resolved in a timely manner.

Our goal is to ensure that your equipment is always in optimal condition, enhancing production efficiency and reducing operational costs. By choosing our filling equipment and technical services, you will receive reliable support and assurance, allowing you to focus on your core business without worries.

Partnering with us will make your equipment more reliable, efficient, and ensure smoother production!




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