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Aseptic Liquid Food Filling Line

Aseptic Liquid Food Filling Line

Your technical service partner for production lines, paving the way to green and efficient health!

Advantages of our products: Dairy Milk,Juice Beverages, Tomato Paste, Cheese, Ice Cream, and Beer Production Lines.

In the field of liquid beverage production, an efficient and modernized production line is the core of a company's competitiveness.Our company offers a one-stop technical service that encompasses factory design for all components of the production line, equipment selection and procurement (including the construction of complex systems and automation), after-sales maintenance, and a full range of services and related spare parts supply, as well as the recycling of old equipment. Our team of experts is committed to offering you a range of solutions to choose from, ensuring that the construction of your production line is always backed by the best possible options.

Firstly, Production Line Design and Planning
Our team of professional engineers will work closely with you to provide personalized production line design solutions based on your production needs and budget.
Utilizing advanced design software, we optimize the layout of the production line to ensure efficiency and safety.
We take into account future scalability and flexibility, leaving room for your long-term development.

Secondly, Equipment Selection and Procurement Agency
Drawing on our extensive industry experience, we meticulously select premium branded equipment or cost-effective options for you.
We provide detailed equipment evaluation reports to ensure the operational efficiency and reliability of the selected equipment.
By purchasing equipment through our channels, you can enjoy expedited delivery times and preferential pricing.

Thirdly, After-sales Maintenance and Technical Support

We offer comprehensive equipment maintenance plans, including regular inspections, troubleshooting, and repair services, to extend the service life of your equipment.
Our professional technical team is on standby at all times, ready to provide on-site services and resolve any technical challenges you may encounter during the production process.
We implement an equipment recycling program to help you dispose of obsolete equipment responsibly, reducing the environmental burden.

Fourthly, accessories supply and support
We have an extensive network of spare parts suppliers, enabling us to provide high-quality replacement parts in a timely manner and ensure uninterrupted production lines.
We maintain ample inventory to enable a rapid response to your needs, minimizing your valuable downtime.
We provide guidance for part installation and usage to ensure the correct installation and maintenance of the components.

Choosing our company means selecting a reliable partner. We not only offer processing and filling equipment but also provide blending equipment, heat treatment, and conversion technology, delivering a comprehensive and well-matched solution for your business success. From complete production line design to equipment selection, from after-sales maintenance to parts supply, we will be your strongest support. Whether you opt for new equipment purchased through us or choose refurbished second-hand branded equipment that has been serviced and tested by us, we commit to providing high-quality, full-service solutions to ensure a smooth and worry-free production process for you.

Camelia provides an Turn-key system service list for your production line.

v Identify optimized solutions based on your product, process requirements, and procedural specifications.

v Design and plan according to food industry standards and your specific requirements.

v Procure and purchase suitable equipmentif unavailable, consider Camelia's related equipment.

v You can participate in the on-site testing, packaging, and transportation of the equipment.

v Camelia’s engineers conduct on-site equipment installation.

v On-site commissioning and operator training.

Contact us and let's jointly embark on a new chapter in your production line construction and maintenance!

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