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About us

"Company Profile" 
CAMELLIA is a system provider specializing in delivering tailored aseptic solutions for the production of liquid food products such as dairy and beverages. Our offerings encompass processing production lines, packaging materials, filling machines, spare parts, auxiliary machinery, and technical services.

"Team Introduction" 
CAMELLIA boasts a diverse, multinational team with manufacturing plants, research and development centers, and operational entities in China, the Middle East, and Egypt. With over a century of combined experience in the handling of aseptic liquid products, we have earned high acclaim from our clients for our expertise that spans from design conception to project execution, and from quality assurance to user experience. We firmly believe that cross-cultural integration fosters innovative ideas, potentially contributing new perspectives to the ever-shifting global market landscape.

"Core Competencies" 
CAMELLIA offers comprehensive processing solutions and equipment for six categories: milk, juice beverages, tomato ketchup, cheese, ice cream, and beer production lines. We enhance your product positioning through innovative green and safety design schemes. Our state-of-the-art processing techniques and manufacturing facilities enable us to turn concepts into reality. These are advanced, automated, and contact-free, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety for your products.

Scope of Services
We are dedicated to offering comprehensive solutions and services with high cost-performance ratios for aseptic packaging materials and filling machines, including spare parts. Our support encompasses the entire spectrum, from raw material sourcing to finished product delivery, and from the inception of solutions to the end of equipment lifespan. Our best-practice production lines continue to expand, offering you a variety of choices to experience industry-proven technologies tailored to your needs. Regardless of the scenario, you can be assured of guarantees in food safety, efficiency, product quality, and environmental performance.

Successful Case Studies 
We currently serve over 200 companies across more than 40 countries worldwide, positioning ourselves as their top business partner of choice. Ranging from beer beverages to honey juices, and from dairy products to some of the most challenging dairy items such as liquid cheese and ice cream, we are providing our clients with comprehensive aseptic filling solutions. Despite the diversity in beverages, markets, and temperature requirements, there is only one reliable partner that stands by you - Camellia.

Corporate Culture at Camellia
At Camellia, "we" is more than just a word; it is an embodiment of identity. "We" signifies unity, strength, courage, and the ability to think with individuality. Camellia is committed to fostering and nurturing an inclusive work culture. We champion diversity in all its dimensions – culture, perspectives, ideas, and experiences. This is because our products contribute to a more nourishing and healthier lifestyle for all. Our planning and development are geared towards the long term, with continuous investment in the protection of food, people, and the future.

Development Vision
"We Are One Family" 
The entire department of Camellia operates as one large family, guided by a shared vision – to make aseptic liquid food and beverage products around the globe safer, more convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Our business philosophy:

Committed Wholeheartedly to Product Quality and After-Sales Service!
Specialized in Project Management from Design to Market Launch for Our Clients!

The Aesthetic of 'Made in China' - Camellia!