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What We Do

Brand strength

Used Aseptic Tank

Cost-Effective Choice — Selected Used Aseptic Tank
For businesses with limited budgets yet unwilling to compromise on quality, our pre-owned aseptic filling equipment is the ideal selection. Each unit undergoes meticulous refurbishment and rigorous testing by our team of professionals to ensure that, despite not being brand new, they deliver top-tier performance. Our extensive inventory caters to production lines of various scales and requirements, and the after-sales service we provide guarantees the ongoing operation and reliability of the equipment. Enhance the dependability and efficiency of your operations for a smoother production process!

Product strength

Production Line Design and Construction

Tailor-Made, Exceptional Efficiency— Expert in Beverage Industry Production Line Design and Construction
In the field of liquid beverage production, an efficient and modern production line is at the core of a company's competitiveness. We offer you a complete service of production line design and construction, from concept to reality. Specializing in the beverage industry, we have a deep understanding of every detail of the manufacturing process, ensuring that your production line is not only efficient but also tailored to your specific needs. Our team will work closely with you to design a production line that saves space and increases productivity, allowing your products to be presented to consumers in the most ideal manner.

Production strength

Spare Parts and Accessories

Ensuring Production Line Smoothness —High-Quality Spare Parts and Accessories

Supply,every small component on the production line has the potential to affect overall efficiency. Our spare parts and accessories service ensures that you can quickly obtain the parts you need, minimizing downtime. Our inventory includes a wide range of models and specifications, compatible with various brands and types of equipment. From common consumable parts to hard-to-find specialized components, we can supply them to you at the earliest possible time, ensuring uninterrupted production. Our warehouse contains over 10,000 types of genuine Tetra Pak® spare parts, providing you with comprehensive technical services for Tetra Pak® filling machines and other filling machinery.

Quality assurance

Packaging Materials

Protect Your Reputation — Innovative and Reliable Packaging Solutions for Beverages
Our aseptic packaging utilizes eco-friendly materials to ensure that your beverages remain pure and hygienic at all times. More importantly, our pursuit of product quality is relentless; our packaging technology is designed to better preserve the natural freshness of your products. Both the products and the packaging materials undergo sterilization in high-temperature and aseptic environments, ensuring that the entire process is free from any bacteria or other harmful microorganisms, providing an additional layer of assurance for our lives. The ultimate taste for modern lifestyles makes our packaging environmentally friendly, stylish, efficient, and convenient. With just a simple press, deliciousness is instantly presented.